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Public Value Incubator

Create scalable innovations to solve challenges for society.

Foster entrepreneurial thinking amongst your employees.

Get access to underrepresented and highly motivated talent.

What we offer

Our Public Value Incubation program is a tailor-made entrepreneurship program for your organization. The 6-month curriculum is designed to equip your team with the essential knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurial mindset needed to confront complex challenges head-on.

Whether you already have an idea or are still searching for one that aligns with your business strategy, we've got you covered. Our expert team will enable you to develop innovative, scalable, and sustainable business models that empower your company to create a lasting impact on society.

In addition, we actively foster collaboration and diversity by including underrepresented groups such as migrants, single parents, or people with disabilities into the program. By bringing their diverse perspectives to the table, you have the opportunity to co-create social innovation that contributes to the common good.

Why Public Value

Competitive Advantage

By focusing on responsible entrepreneurship and the common good your organization unlocks a new world of unique market opportunities. Creating Public Value allows you to develop and adopt sustainable practices, pioneer groundbreaking solutions with an added value for society, and create profitable new markets.

Employer Branding

By providing your employees with the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and create impact you supercharge their dedication, productivity, and loyalty for your organizations. Contributing to the betterment of society will attract purpose-driven and enthusiastic professionals from around the world.

Talent Acquisition

Having direct access to and collaborating with underrepresented people within the program will unlock an exclusive new pool of future talents, that can shape the future of your organization. This is your opportunity to actively develop and collaborate with the changemakers and leaders of the future.

Risk Mitigation

By purposefully addressing the challenges and interests of all stakeholders in a society your organization reduces the risks of creating harmful impact on people, the planet, and profits. At the same time, increasing your responsibility, sustainability and impact is the best preparation for the uncertain world ahead of us.

How it works

1. Identifying Impact Gaps: Through a structured and iterative process of analysis and research, we enable participants to pinpoint areas where your business can make a meaningful impact.

2. Enabling Changemakers: With our hybrid entrepreneurship training we equip the participants with methods, knowledge, and skills to think and act like an impact entrepreneur.

3. Co-creating Public Value: By incorporating our proven incubation structure we guide participants in developing innovative, scalable, and social business models that create positive impact on society, while being financially sustainable.

What do you get

The program spans over a 6-month period with an estimated workload of 6 to 10 hours per week. The curriculum has a hybrid structure and enables maximum adaptability for participants and you as an organization.

During our proprietary program the participants will develop tangible deliverables such as a working prototype, robust business model, professional marketing materials, and a tailor-made roadmap for the future endeavors. To achieve this goal, we use a variety of approaches and joined activities that complement each other.

Public Value Academy

Our digital Learning Management System (LMS) provides more than 50 hours of content and resources for the participants. It is clustered into 12 modules helping them to understand thebasics of entrepreneurship such as prototyping, business modeling and marketing. The modules also cover specific aspects of Public Value such as purpose, sustainability, and impact.


Throughout the program participants attend 12 masterclasses with industry experts from various organizations such as startups, accelerators, research facilities, public administrations, and venture capital firms. The 2-hour live sessions deepen their understanding of the main pillars of entrepreneurship and social innovation.


6 weekend workshops with seasoned coaches give the participants a guided possibility to test their new knowledge hands-on. Each full day event focuses on one essential deliverable for future entrepreneurs like building a prototype, business model, or pitch deck. Theses session foster collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

1:1 Mentoring

Each group receives a total of 6 hours of personalized mentoring by experienced professionals from our vast international network. The personal mentors provide clear guidance and feedback during the participant’s entrepreneurial journey.

Networking and Events

During the workshop weekends we give participants the possibility to meet and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, industry expert, and potential partners. Additional teambuilding and social activities are possible.

Do you want to know more

Schedule your personal meeting to learn more about the program and the possibilities for your organization.

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